Fakhrawi Frames Expertise, quality & great design
since 1948


We offer ready-made and tailor-made frames to accommodate different tastes; classic, contemporary, vintage and modern.

We mount your art work or picture with double-mounts, triple-mounts, decorative slip frames, v-grooves, non-reflective glass or normal glass from basic photos to signed sports memorabilia including shirts, from picture postcards to 3D objects, you name it we will frame it.

Bespoke picture framing

Handmade picture frames built to your own specification using professional techniques and hand crafted skills.

Professional picture framing will help enhance the appearance of your artwork, and conserve and protect your priceless art.

Framing to exhibition standards with a wide range of specialist glazing options.

Shop & Office Framing

One of our specialities is organizing and making frames for shops, offices, restaurants, hotels and other commercial premises. We can organize everything from initial collection, printing, dry mounting framing, delivery and then installation. It is a complete end – to – end service.

Object Framing

At Fakhrawi Frames we love a challenge and enjoy finding solutions for the many objects that we are asked to frame. We have framed pretty much everything from shoes to jewelleries.

Shirt Framing

We are experts in framing all kinds of sports shirts, including football, cycling, basketball and rugby etc. We have developed a unique and stylish way to frame this type of sports memrobilia that will ensure that your shirt stand out.

Classic Frame – Unmounted

A classic frame is your choice of frame made to fit against the edge of your photograph or artwork. Optional dry mounting available and recommended to ensure your photograph or artwork remains flat beneath the glass.

Classic Frame – Mounted

This style is your choice of frame presented with a custom sized window mount. Optional dry mounting available and recommended to ensure your photograph or artwork remains flat beneath the glass.


This is a contemporary take on the classic frame. Your image is floated on to a mount board inside the frame with space between the glass and work. Giving it a floating effect.

Shadow Float

An evolution on the standard float frame. Your image is lifted above the mounting board to create a shadow introducing a level of depth to your artwork.

Box Frame

A box frame introduces depth between the glass and print, ideal for framing objects as well as photographs and artworks.

Garment Frame

Similar in style to the classic mounted frame above. We create a custom window mount to frame almost any type of clothing. This can also be done in a similar way to the Box Frame.

Creative Mount Cutting

Gone are the days when a mount was simply a rectangle a square or an oval. Using our own on site computer mount cutter we can cut unusual shapes, and multi window mounts from a variety of materials, so again this makes your framed item truly unique.

Be amazed at what shapes and apertures can be cut into layers of mount board to create truly unique pieces of art.

Art Placement and Installation Services

At Fakhrawi we see art installation as a combination of exact science and fine art. We bring design awareness and an ability to create arrangements of objects that complement other elements in your environment, such as furniture and lighting.

We will help you with every step of the process, from the placement of each art piece, to the fine tuning of the perfect height and balance, to the installation with professional hardware if you’re interested in a clean and professional looking gallery style art hanging system, we carry the best one at an affordable price.