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Art/Picture Hanging System

Hang your pictures safely, flexibly and elegantly!

We provide professional high quality rail system. The system creates sophisticated look of a gallery while giving you the flexibility to change or move your art without the trouble of patching and painting all the nail and screw holes. This is especially important for unusual finishes like custom paint, brick and stones finished walls, or even glass walls. Once you install the rail that all your artwork will hang from, you’ll never need to take out your hammer or screwdriver again!

Art collectors will love our rail systems. If you constantly have new art coming into your home, the system will be perfect for you. You can change or add new artwork to a wall safely and easily The classic system will also preserve the life of your artwork by giving it the proper support something you can’t get from a few nails or screws in the wall!

STAS minirail – smart picture hanging system

The patented STAS minirail system is the thinnest and most innovative picture hanging system in the World. the rail, which is available in white or a natural aluminium colour, is only 16 mm wide and perfectly blends in your interior.  The STAS minirail system is very easy to use.  Fitting, using the specially developed STAS minirail clipscrew, couldn’t be simpler.


  • Aluminium rail
  • Dimensions 9 x 16 mm
  • Capable of carrying loads of up to 25 kg per meter
  • Available in white or a natural aluminium colour

We provide you with installation service. The rail system can be purchased at our store.